Welcome Earthlings,

Whether you are lost in nature or hidden behind a curtain, you are still a being of this Earth. You are an important and unique individual capable of influencing the world around you. The daily challenges you face change you into the being you see in the mirror today. No one can fully understand your experience of this world because it is as original as you are. The life you have lived is as beautifully complex as the beings around you. The pets in your home, the bees in your garden, the plants in your street are all Earthlings. They influence your life and the world around them. To travel this globe is a symbiotic journey through nature. It’s an inspiring story waiting for you to express it… 

My latest scribblings

“The Day I Lost My Phone”

Santiago, Chile
Valparaíso, Chile

“An Educational Visit”

Santiago, Chile

“Walk The Streets”

Santiago, Chile

Where in the world is Sam?

Sam was last seen in Cusco, Peru.